There are many people who get the afternoon blahs and feel the need for a nap before dinner. However, there are those who are so tired all the time. There are 12 reasons you may be tired. Fortunately, each has a solution.

  • 1. Eat well

People tend to skip meals, but that causes a drop in blood sugar. Instead, implement whole grains, greens, and fruits into your diet.

  • 2. Get sleep

It’s tough when you have a work deadline and kids. People tend to stay up late. Set an earlier bedtime.

  • 3. Take vitamins

Fatigue is a sign of a lack of vitamins, the result of a poor diet. Ask your doctor for a blood test to identify where you are lacking.

  • 4. Move it

People develop a sedentary lifestyle. They go home and watch television. Start walking or exercise.

  • 5. Lose weight

Being overweight carries many ill effects on your health. It takes extra effort for your body to function with extra weight. Losing a few pounds will do a lot to improve your energy.

  • 6. Deal with depression

Depression causes a lack of energy. Tiredness is a common symptom. Talk to your doctor about why you may be depressed and find out your treatment options.

  • 7. Work out stress

Those who are under chronic stress will suffer for it because your body reacts. This can cause muscle aches, headaches, stomach issues, and fatigue. You can learn how to control your stress.

  • 8. Get checked for chronic fatigue syndrom

This is where you are tired all the time without a known cause. Additional sleep doesn’t help. This is something to talk to your doctor about.

  • 9. Check for fibromyalgia

This is a disease that can cause widespread pain in muscles, but it causes fatigue. A doctor can help with treatment options.

  • 10. Test for diabetes

Fatigue can be a symptom of diabetes. High blood sugar causes a lack of concentration as well as cause irritability. Confirm with your doctor.

  • 11. Look at your medications

Some medications cause fatiue. Think to when your fatigue began and whether it was the same time as starting a new medication. Check for side effects.

  • 12. See if you have a sleep disorder

Sleep disorders interrupt your sleep without you even realizing it because it interrupts your deep sleep. Seek out a sleep specialist.

Some days will leave you tired during the day. The distinction is whether you are chronically tired. Excessive fatigue can be remedied.