There are three important health benefits of Chia seeds. They include:

  • 1. Aids with weight loss

Eating Chia seeds on a regular basis can help you lose weight. The seeds are high in protein and fiber. You only need to eat a serving or two of the seeds to feel full. If you want to lose weight and ward off obesity, then eat Chia seeds when you crave junk food. This will squash your craving, which will lead to weight loss.

A good tip is to mix the seeds with another source of food. This includes oatmeal and other cereals, puddings, yogurts or even water. Chia seeds can be eaten on their own, too.

  • 2. Boosts exercise performance

Chia seeds are packed with nutrients that can boost your exercise performance. Not only do they contain fiber and protein, but they have zinc, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B1 and potassium. Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus are in Chia seeds, too. This is why they can boost your stamina and energy levels.

You should consume a serving of Chia seeds about 30 minutes prior to working out. A good way to take Chia seeds is to mix a spoonful with water before drinking it. Feel free to mix the seeds with a yogurt before you workout.

  • 3. Anti-aging & skin

Chia seeds contain a good amount of antioxidants, which can slow down the aging process. Recently, a group of researchers discovered that is more antioxidants in the seeds than they previously thought; Two times the amount to be exact.

The bottom line is antioxidants can play a role in slowing down and/or stopping free radical activity. In turn, the skin’s repair systems are sped up, which can prevent skin damage caused by premature skin aging.

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to consume Chia seeds a few times per week if you want to reap the benefits it provides to the skin. It might take a while before you notice an improvement in your skin, which is why you need to be consistent with eating the seeds. If you want better skin, lose weight and improve exercise performance, then add Chia seeds to your diet.