The pandemic of COVID-19 in 2020 prompted many people to prioritize their needs and focus on what is really important to them. This realignment of priorities led many to refocus on families, meals at home, and virtual connections to those they can’t physically contact.

It is important to re-evaluate your life at times because it helps you realize how much you really have. Doing this on a regular basis helps you maintain good mental health and quality of life. Here are five things that most people need to survive and enjoy life.

  • 1. Food is priority

This is a bit obvious that every organism needs food and water in order to survive. Humans can take it a step further to add it to their quality of life. Nutritious meals with vitamins and antioxidants will improve your health and make you feel better. Good meals also contribute to less stress and better body balance.

  • 2. Sleep is crucial

There have been numerous studies in recent years that point out just how sleep-deprived Americans are today. A lack of sleep decreases overall brain function and can lead to poorer performance in work and school as well as accidents both in your personal life and on the job.

  • 3. Keep your family and friends

Family and friends are one of the most important aspects of your life. They cheer you on when you achieve and give you a soft place to cry when things go badly. Humans are made to be social creatures, so treasure those who stand by you.

  • 4. Faith is important

Many people today have ventured away from organized religion, but that hasn’t stopped them from looking for spirituality. Humans are made to seek something bigger than themselves because that is the only way any of the worldly events make sense while maintaining balance and perspective. It produces visions and aspirations and inspires.

  • 5. Hope is a must

There is a scripture that says “without hope, the people perish.” That is true, hope in the future, that you can make make a difference is what drives people to do better and make positive changes.

These five things are really all you need to have a complete, balanced life. Everything else like wealth, experiences, or power stems from these five elements. Keep them in your life and you will have a good life.